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Human Resource Solutions

Does the human resources side of your business give you headaches? ALS Human Resource Solutions (AHRS) may just be the answer.

Companies with labour intensive operations can benefit from ALS’ years of experience in payroll administration and handling of labour related issues.


  • Outsourcing HR saves you money.  E.g. To keep a payroll clerk with systems and software is exponentially more expensive than outsourcing the function to specialists.
  • A large number of HR professionals at ALS Human Resource Solutions means that someone is always available to help.
  • Labour issues are often sensitive and conflict of interest may stand in the way of sound judgement.  An external body such as ALS Human Resource Solutions may add perspective and objectivity in handling such issues.
  • We already have the IT department as back-up for the HR systems we use as well as the Archive facilities to store documents as required by law.
  • We have already developed the training courses to train supervisors and managers in the best way to handle HR admin and issues on site.


HR Management

  • Service contracts for permanent staff, fixed contract staff as well as contract workers
  • Disciplinary codes and procedures
  • Grievance procedure
  • Company code of conduct and procedures

Labour Relations

  • Keeping of records
  • General administration
  • Coaching of supervisors in the handling of personnel matters
  • 24Hour helpline
  • Immediate assistance with labour related inquiries


  • Handling of conciliation hearings at the CCMA as well as the relevant Bargaining Councils
  • Handling of arbitration hearings at the CCMA as well as the relevant Bargaining Councils

Labour Court

  • Handling of all Labour Court procedures
  • Initiating of the court procedure
  • Serving of relevant legal documents
  • Liaising with legal representatives and lawyers
  • Scheduling of preparation meetings and assistance with strategy
  • Handling of labour court proceedings as well as the court case
  • Handling of follow-up and final proceedings

Negotiations and handling of Industrial Actions

  • All negotiations with the relevant bargaining councils, unions, workplace forums or any other bargaining unit
  • Handling of all procedures regarding industrial actions or strikes

Training and skills development

  • Development of a skills plan
  • Facilitating skills development
  • Administration of the skills fund
  • Skills audit
  • Competency reports
  • Skills vs Equity reports

Equity management

  • Equity plan
  • Equity management program
  • Equity reports
  • Equity vs Skills reports

Health and Safety

  • Explaining the law
  • Assessment of the workplace: Development of a H&S policy, fixing problem areas and coaching safety officers
  • Help with preparations for inspections by the Dept. of Labour
  • Development of a policy and system for injuries in the workplace
  • Implementation of the H&S policies and systems


Administration of all remuneration related matters

  • Our personnel are experienced and are trained on a continuous basis to stay up to date with various specialist fields.

Administration of tax matters

  • This includes the registration of new tax payers, tax deductions as well as the required annual reconciliations.

Weekly and monthly payment reconciliations

  • This includes the weekly and monthly payroll runs and annual IRP5 certificates as it reflects on your Tax E-filing Profile

Documentation storage systems

  • We have an archive facility in place for the storage of wage/salary records for 3 years which still give immediate access to documents

Leave application administration

  • We give you up to date unpaid/sick/family/normal leave reconciliations which also shows the ‘leave taken’ and ‘leave available’. 


Ingogo Mills:

“We use ALS Human Resource Solutions for all our disciplinary actions and hearings and I can only say good things about their service.  They are knowledgeable, professional and their expertise add real value to our human resources department.”
Danie Bester, MD

RSA Seed & Grain:

Since using ALS Human Resource Solutions our HR problems have reduced remarkably. We have only experienced professional prompt service and help is just a phone call away.  They are always up to date with the labour law and our employees receive training whenever it is needed. 
Jaco Du Preez, MD


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