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ALS Agri

ALS were farmers first!  In a large way the 346ha they had to buy back from ABSA in 1989, and the effort that went into the operation to pay the interest each month, laid the foundation of how we work at ALS.

Farming operations at ALS today involves livestock as well as grain farming in Natal and the OFS, game and livestock farming in North West and game and livestock farming in the Northern Cape.

Apart from the commercial farming of 820ha under irrigation, 300ha of dry fields and 5000 head of cattle, operations adding value includes a grain mill, a cattle stud, a cattle feedlot and dam construction in Natal.


5000 head of cattle across various farms in KZN, the Freestate and also in the Northern Cape includes Bovelders and a Beefmaster stud in Natal.  ALS is well known for the annual cattle production auction at Ingogo.

Our Bovelder cattle herd is farmed under guidance of Dr. At Viljoen.  With his help, our Bovelder cattle farmers devoted the past 8 years to improve the herd.

We purchased the start-up herd of our Beefmaster stud from 4X4 Beefmasters in 2012.  Since then the stud has been managed under the strict supervision of Dr  Trish Oglesby a veterinarian specialising in cattle.   We make use of in vitro produced embryos, artificial insemination as well as top quality Beefmaster bulls to improve the genetic material of the stud. 



ALS has many years of experience in the construction of earth dams of which the first was a series of trout dams in the district of Machadodorp in 1988.

Since then, ALS completed various projects of which the Koppies dam is only one.   

Specialised equipment is used and the professional services of civil engineers and surveyors employed by the group ensures earth dams of a high standard.

Link to Dam Walls Projects


Various game species are farmed at the Lekwena Private Game reserve in the Potchefstroom area as well as the Nguni Lodge close to Upington in the Northern Cape.


Grain farming at ALS involves 820ha under centre pivot irrigation and 300ha of dry fields in the Newcastle and Volksrust areas in KZN. A grain mill at Ingogo adds value to the operation.

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